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ABA Program for Children & Adolescents with Autism

We provide results-oriented Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We apply a unique approach, along with the recommended practices, to ensure our ABA program in Richmond, VA, and beyond helps children reach their full potential.

Child Holding Book

Consultation & Evaluation

We will initially start with an over-the-phone consultation with a parent or primary caregiver. We will then have an experienced board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) see and evaluate your child. ABA therapy is used to either increase or decrease any behavior.

As a discipline, ABA providers are focused on the improvement of socially important behaviors, including:

  • Academics (Reading)
  • Speech or Communication
  • Social Skills (Shaking Hands and Maintaining Eye Contact)
  • Adaptive Behavior Skills (Gross and Fine Motor Skills)
  • Daily Living Skills (Grooming, Getting Dressed, Doing Household Chores, and Working)

Parents play an essential and critical role in the child's treatment plan because no one knows the child better than the parent; they provide critical and insightful information that will help guide the ABA therapists.


Contact Virginia ABA for information about the cost of our ABA program. In many cases, insurance will help cover a portion of the treatment.